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"Only with good awareness is it possible to ask the body to correct itself. You are your own best therapist." - Dr. Guy Voyer, DO

Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo Articulaire

English translation: Longitudinal Osteo Articular Decoaptation Stretching
Developed by Dr. Guy Voyer, DO

It’s NOT Yoga…It’s NOT Pilates…Experience the amazing spinal decompression stretching technique.


Gravitational forces compress the spine and compression of the vertebrae over time can give rise to a host of problems for proper nerve, organ, and gland function, as well as for the spine itself. Physical activity, while greatly benefiting the entire body's systems, does exacerbate and accelerate this process. Other contributing factors are musculoskeletal imbalances and structural distortions.  Experience the amazing ELDOA myofascial stretching and spinal decompression technique, a method of "self-traction," developed by world-renowned Dr. Guy Voyer, DO to:

  • Increase space between the vertebrae

  • Rehydrate the vertebral disks

  • Relieve or eliminate chronic back and neck pain

  • Reduce or eliminate joint inflammation and stiffness

  • Boost organ and gland function

  • Improve sleep

  • Correct posture

  • Normalize structural imbalances

  • Enhance tissue strength and quality

  • Increase flexibility  

"All is in link from the tailbone to the skull." - Dr. Guy Voyer, DO

When technique is mastered, each ELDOA position can be held for just one minute!

NOTE: No exercise program, including the ELDOA method and the advice herein, should be undertaken without first obtaining the advice and consent of a physician. The information included here is not intended to treat, or diagnose, a spinal or any other condition. Please get the approval of your Doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

Praise for ELDOA classes:

"Every exercise was beneficial to me! Jennifer is wonderful! I highly recommend her!" - Sherry T.

"It was a catalyst for focusing more on my own wellness." - Kristina I. 

"Just fabulous info. and stretches for my body and the feeling on my body was so great!" - Maggie M.

"Feeling stronger with the poses over time. " - Serenity D.

"A new focused challenge and opportunity to improve my "old spine." Jennifer presents with confidence and enthusiasm." - John M.

"Really appreciated Jennifer's clear, articulate explanation and instruction, her flexibility and courtesy. So grateful to have learned ELDOA from her. Her encouragement and cues were very helpful." - Susan T.

"I will do ELDOA for life. Has relieved a lot of pain. Great for general health." - Kevin D. 

"Really really want to continue this with Jennifer." - Nicole C.

"I liked Jennifer's teaching style - specific directions, encouragement with positive reinforcement. My body feels better after doing this!" - Karen W.

"I loved your class for the whole concept of opening up the spine and nerves affected by all of the opening of that space. Your approach to people is wonderful; non-judgmental and meeting us right where we are. You are able to hold a wonderful space energetically and I felt safe and like you were attentive to individual needs and kept and eye on us for safety and pushing up just a bit to reach beyond." - Suzanne T.

"Jennifer did a great job. Thorough, knowledgeable, excellent info." - Carin R.

"I loved the whole concept! The Instructor (Jennifer) is very knowledgeable. I am feeling back relief, and am thankful for this new program." - Polly W.

"Thorough explanation, friendly, low-pressure, welcoming. I felt a difference after the very first class. I feel like it was made for me!" - Gaby S.

"Best way I've found to strengthen and protect my back, straighten my posture and increase my leg and arm mobility and arm strength." - Sandy S. 

"These movements / postures have really  helped with healing a previous psoas / hip strain. I am noticing a definite improvement. " Lia B. 

"It was very relaxing and our instructor was really nice and informative. It was a very good experience all around. I do feel like it helped with my awareness of my posture." Ischa V. 

"Very well presented, easy to understand, pain in back and hip and neck gone." - Kathy K.

"I like how specific it is - taking into consideration all the biomechanics of the spine." - Betsy V.

"The instruction was spot on, great cues and passion for postural awareness. " - J.H., Dr. of Chiropractic

"A new focused challenge and opportunity to improve my "old spine." Jennifer presents with confidence and enthusiasm." - John M.
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