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"Move in a manner that promotes and integrates our form and improved function will follow. Move in a manner that oversimplifies our form and function can degrade."
- David Fleming Applied Movement Neurology Academy


Jennifer Armstrong,Owner and Founder 

Asheville Personal Trainer

CPT, ACE (American Council on Exercise)

Functional Movement Screen Specialist

ELDOA Practitioner Level 3
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Cellular Exercise Instructor
American Red Cross Adult, Infant, and Child CPR
Pilates Mat Training
Moms in Motion
YMCA Strength Training
B.A. English, Skidmore College, 1989

My lifelong interest in fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and passion for helping others led me to the fitness industry over twenty-five years ago, teaching group exercise classes. Personal training followed two years later. I have taught diverse classes and worked with clients in a variety of venues such as area YMCAs, fitness clubs, private homes, and private golf communities. As well as one-on-one personal training, I have conducted small group personal training classes of up to four participants and guided new runners through my own beginner’s running clinic. I have also delivered talks to large audiences, written numerous articles, and held directorial positions. I founded my own company, Cornerstone Fitness Solutions, LLC in 2004.

From the very beginning of my career, I had Clients who wanted to get into better shape and lead healthier lives, but due to the orthopedic, autoimmune, and other challenges they were facing, they had limited results. As I thrive on and value continuing education, I was inspired to expand my knowledge base to help these individuals at a deeper and more effective level. Therefore, at the end of 2011, I made the decision to temporarily close my business to take a 2 ½ year of educational sabbatical. This education has taken my knowledge and expertise to a whole new level; my in-depth holistic and integrated approach focuses on using time-efficient and scientific evidence-based assessments; these combined with examining a Client’s nutrition, sleep, and stress levels allow me to design fitness programs truly unique to an individual. I also firmly believe in working in conjunction with a client’s other practitioners (chiropractor, massage therapist, yoga or other instructors, acupuncturist, doctor, etc.) in order to arrive at lasting solutions to their health and fitness goals and challenges.

In July 2014 I reopened my business under the current name and resumed traveling to a variety of venues such as workplaces, private homes, private golf communities, and other locations for one-on-one and small group training. In March 2016, I secured my own location in Arden; then in March 2019, I moved to the current, expanded location in Fletcher. I continue to travel to other venues on a limited basis. I am available for FREE educational presentations Initial Consultations and fee-based workshops.


I annually attend continuing education lectures on posture, functional anatomy and kinesiology, nutrition, movement classes, and running a successful personal training business.


I hold ongoing certification by the CHEK Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Practitioner, and Dr. Guy VOYER, founder of the ELDOA technique.

My athletic pursuits have included a Tae Kwon Do martial arts practice,  downhill slalom and giant slalom ski racing, two marathons, numerous sprint triathlons, duathlons, and biathlons; and too many 5k, 8k, and 10k road races to count.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family hiking, mountain biking, running, skiing, and reading. 

Free 60 Minute Initial Consultation

A comprehensive opportunity to discuss your dreams and goals while learning about my philosophy and methods. I will fill out an Initial Consultation Questionnaire (ICQ) which covers things like health history, past or present injuries, work-related information, eating habits, sleep patterns, and much more… Contact Me Now To Schedule Your Free Consultation.

C.O.R.E. Values

Caring - Each individual is treated as such and through compassionate listening, given a fully-individualized program which reflects their unique needs, always keeping their dreams and goals in mind.

Open-mindedness - Interdisciplinary techniques are used (i.e. Feldenkrais, Pilates, Tai Chi, yoga, strength training, etc.) that reflect creativity and progressive thinking to achieve the end-goal.

Responsibility and Respect - I take full responsibility for the clear and concise communication of my expectations and hold myself accountable for progressing the Client in a manner which is safe and within their physical means. At all times I respect the Client’s wishes, dreams and goals, and their privacy in my non-disclosure of findings except with other practitioners (with the Client’s approval). I respect session time as time specifically allotted to them and uphold a code of strict confidentiality.

Effective and Efficient - I use state-of-the-art, evidence-based assessment protocols and corrective exercise strategies which have proven over time to be highly effective and efficient at producing reliable results. My methodologies remove the underlying problems first so we can move into an improved state of wellness.

"Best analysis of condition prior to embarking on a fitness program. I have seen no other "trainer" do this as thoroughly as Jennifer. She always has the client's welfare in mind and is conscious of potential movements that can do harm, thus carefully monitoring progress."
- Terry P., Asheville, NC
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